Random Character Interaction

— 1 minute read

As a writer, this sort of thing is a daily occurrence for me. The following is a conversation two of my characters had in my head this morning.

Val'len: Have you ever tried flying kites on the moon?
Xii'dera: But our moon Has no atmosphere.
Val'len: I know! It's perfect, the kites will just float right on up!
Xii'Dera: ...
Val'Len: Well I thought it was a good idea.
Xii'Dera: You're insane, love...
Val'Len: No. I'm a genius.
Xii'Dera: You say that like there's a difference.
Val'Len: ...

Remember, stuff like this is a daily occurrence for me; Val'Len and Xii'Dera at least are from the same universe/same story. It gets even weirder when characters from completely different stories start interacting with each other.