Overseers of the Terra

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The clearly wounded ship had been pulled in to the largest of the Amaru's docking bays and val'len was staring at it intently.
Saria and Darkmoon were gathered around him, weapons at the ready.
"Remember, first contact protocol; this ship doesn't match any of the Sumaran designs we've come across in the last few years, but we still don't know what is on board."
No sooner than the old wolf had finished his sentence, the ship doors slid back to reveal three relatively short creatures, the tallest being no more than four feet; they were covered in opalescent blue scales and had what appeared to be tentacle like tails.
Val'len's jaw widened in shock

"The fish? The fish made it in to space?!" He blurted in ancient wolven

Saria whom had been taking lessons in the old tongue and history from the elders was desperately trying trying not to laugh.
The old wolf shook off his amazement as the the creatures defended the the gangway of their ship, they looked extremely nervous. Vel'len looked back to Darkmoon.
"Weapons down. Orn please tell me you still have the Deronian language somewhere in your database."

"I do, but bare in mind it's old, the language may have changed significantly since back then."

"Alright, translate anyway."

He stepped forward and placed a hand on his chest, "I am Val'len Stormfire, commander of this vessel and somewhat leader of the Terra."